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ESD Rubber Bench Mat

ESD rubber mat or conductive ground mats should be laid out in the workshops and advanced laboratories for microelectronic industries such as electronic semi-conduct devices, electronic computers, electronic communication equipment and integrated circuits etc.

ESD Floor Mat

Size: 900 x 600 x 15mm/450 x 600 x 15mm
Customized size is available.
3 layers constructions
PVC Top, EPDM in middle layer, rubber bottom.
Static properties
Surface resistance: 10^7-10^9ohms
Bottom resistance: 10^3-10^5ohms

ESD PVC Curtain

Conductive PVC Curtain can be utilized as a barrier wall or protective curtain material in the ESD sensitive environment. It has good draping ability so that it can be used as protective cover or instruments where electro-static should be controlled.
Surface resistivity:     Inside 10^8~10^9ohm, Outside <10^5ohm                                                                  
Size:Thickness - 0.3mm / width - 1370mm / length - 30m

ESD PVC Door Curtain

Help to regulate temperature while allowing a visible barrier to the outside
Surface resistivity:     10^6 to 10^8 ohm                                                                
Size:Thickness – 2.0mm / width - 200mm / length - 30m

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