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Surface Resistivity Meter

This Tester is an ultra wide-range,battery operated, portable instrument for measuring Surface Resistivity of virtually any flat surface confoming to ASTM D-257 standard by using recommended parallel bar sensing probe. In the circuit industry,products such as packaging materials, ESD shielding bags, work bench surfaces,static dissipative table and floor mats,conveyor belts,etc

Wrist Strap Tester

can easily be used anywhere to quickly and easily check grounding systems. Uses a 9V Battery. Low Fail/High Fail/Pass LEDs and audible alert.

Wrist Strap Tester

Wrist strap tester is used for check the specified resistance limits of all types of wrist straps.
One button testing of wrist strap, ground lead, and user interface Compact, lightweight and battery powered.
Gives audible and visible status indicators
Compatible with any ground leads using standard banana plugs
Low battery indicator, autoalarm when lack of voltage.
Small, light, portable, easy to operate.

Wrist Strap Online Monitor

It could alarm automatically towards body wrist strap earth system, and real-time monitor the work status of anti-static wrist strap, being so small, the monitor nearly takes up no room, and operates without noise
It will provide reliable insurance to wrist strap earth system in anti-static work area
Earth system of body wrist strap in normal operation, no noise, and green light on
Earth system of body wrist strap in circuit-broken status: buzz noise, red light glittering

Dual Footwear/Wrist Strap Tester

•Dual test circuits allow versatile testing of footwear or wrist straps
•Test results appear on easy-to-read LED display
•Convenient, touchpad operation
•Red light and audible alarm indicate if circuit resistance is too high or low

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