Cleanroom & ESD Fabric  

Cleanroom & ESD Fabric

ESD control and Cleanroom fabric have many advantages. Basing on kinematics and physiology, We employ
HAD (Human Active Dynamic) system to the design and manufacture of fabric. Fabric are manufactured in
strict compliance with requirements of ISO9001 and ISO14001. For the very reason that we are ive about the
material we use for our fabrics. The fabric is made by continuous filament ester thread or conductive thread.
On an ongoing basis, our fabrics are subjected to rigorous testing for ESD protective performance, cleanliness/
particle shedding and durability.

a. Suitable to male and female. The material is made from ester fibre with filament and imported conductive fibre
b. Effective removing the static from human body, and antistatic permanent;
c. Advanced techniques, special construction and no dust out and in from clothing;
d. You will feel comfortable when wearing coverall, and endurable when washing;
e. Materials from antistatic 5mm-strip,10mm-strip, 10mm-grid,5mm-grid, 2.5mm-grid
f. All sizes the customers want will available,Many colours available
g. Area of static and sensitive, clean and purification area of C10-C10000.

Technical Parameters:
Formulation : 100% Polyester+conductive fabric
Conductive fabric Distance : Strip (5mm,10mm),grid (2.5mm,5mm,10mm)
Surface res. : 1x106-1x108Ohm/sq
Static decay time : <0.17 sec.
Washing : 30C water or normal dry clean
Life: 100 Repetitive Washings
Applying cleanroom : 100-10000 Class
Fabric electric charge density : ≤3uc/m2
Bearing pull : 29.4 N(newton)
Standard : GB12014-89
Cleanroom available : 100-1000 class

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