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Kapton Tape



• Thin and conformable enabling masking of uneven surfaces
• Wide operating temperature range up to 260° C
• Removes cleanly without adhesive residue after exposure to heat
• High performance silicone adhesive
• High strength backing provides superior resistance to puncture and tear
• Resistance to chemical attack


• High temperature masking  
• Protection of circuit board gold finger contacts during wave solder
• Insulation on Transformers, Motors and Coils
• Fiber Optics Cables
• Solar Panel



     Adhesion Type


     Film Thickness

     1.2 mils

     ASTM D 3652

     Adhesive Thickness

     1.5 mils

     Total Thickness

     2.7 mils

     Adhesion to Steel

     25 oz//inch

     ASTM D 3330

     Tensile Strength

     30 (lbs/inch)

     ASTM D 3759


     >40 %

     ASTM D 3759

     Dielectric Strength

     8,000 volts

     UL-94 Flammability Rating


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